30 Nov


Many of our guests really took advantage of our “Say Cheese” class where they learned about their digital camera’s and different techniques would work best!

Some guests had panoramic assist tools on their cameras but didn’t know how to locate them. To review when to best use each of these. Landscape would be best used when you want to get objects that are in the foreground and in distance in equal focus. An example would be the palm trees on the beach your standing on, as well as the island you see in background.

Portrait comes in handy when you want to take a picture of your subject and you don’t need to worry about the background. A great example would be a picture with you and your spouse when you don’t care about the trees or atmosphere in the background.

Macro I found to be very popular with some guests as well because they had never tried to use it before. Macro would be best used for small objects; flowers, rings, stamps, insect, coins. Anything that you want to be sure to pick up tiny detail.

There are many more modes and settings on your camera. Take the time to play around with your camera and get use to the different settings and how they make your pictures turn out. Most of all enjoy discovering the new techniques your learning! 🙂

Techspert Erin


One Response to “ALOHA!”

  1. Elaine Sotko December 1, 2010 at 2:26 pm #

    Erin- totally enjoyed all of your classes- you were great and very patient with everyone! Send me your photo of your TROLL costume!! – Elaine (the OTHER computer Nerd)

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