2 Oct

Wavy Start Provides Different Opportunity!

We started out a little bit rough and rocky this week! The Captain made the smart decision to turn around and go a different way so our itinerary changed slightly. However this allowed for more classes and learning opportunities in the Digital Workshop! We ended up going to Glacier Bay in the afternoon instead of the morning which allowed for different colors of the glaciers to pop out that normally are not seen!

Guests enjoyed the extra sea day to edit their photos and here are a few great images that were captured by the Zaandam guests this week!

Panoramic Picture of John Hopkins Glacier

Viewing Glacier Bay Panoramic

Glacier Caving

This was our last cruise to Alaska and although it started a little bit different then we expected we had the opportunity to see Glacier Bay in a different way then any other guests or cruises had all season! The guests really enjoyed stitching together their panoramic pictures and I truly enjoyed seeing them turn out!

Thanks for a great last cruise to Alaska!

Techspert Erin


3 Responses to “LAST WEEK TO ALASKA”

  1. Elaine Sotko November 7, 2010 at 6:04 pm #

    Need to ask you a question Erin!! took your wonderful class on the Hawaii cruise that just ended. Want to download Photo and Movie software you showed us, BUT it says I need Service Pack 2 installed. From what I have read there are tons of issues with that service pack. What do you think? appreciated your program onboard very much!! thanks!

    • mszaandam November 17, 2010 at 1:17 pm #

      Hi Elaine, (this isn’t Erin, but Will (I manage the Digital Workshop for HAL)) great question. To download the software for Windows XP you will need Service Pack 2, and while there were a number of issues that users had with this software when it was first released (quite some time ago) most of these issues (I say most because I’m a Windows 7 user and no longer use XP) have been resolved over time.

      However, a whole new slate of Windows Live Programs have been released to help with Photo and Video editing, but these are only available for Windows vista or 7. If I could make a recommendation, given that Windows XP is 10 years old at this point, it may be time to start at looking at upgrading to Windows 7. Very simple and easy to use.

      If you do want to run these programs on XP though, you will need to download Service Pack 2, which at this time runs pretty efficiently.

      Thanks again!

      • Elaine Sotko November 17, 2010 at 3:53 pm #

        Thank you for responding! I do not have XP but windows Vista Home Premium, so I will keep that for now, since I don’t see too many benefits to moving to windows 7 at this point. since vista has that search box capability, and not that many other features that I am interested in changing to. But, I DID love the classes that Erin taught and want to download the photo editing software,movie maker, etc. that are featured in windows 7. So, I will download the vista service pack 2 and go with it. hopefully I won’t have any issues with the service pack. thanks again, you guys keep up the great work, totally enjoyed those classes on the Zaandam!

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